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Posted By: Drakah - April 7, 2014, 2:14 pm EST News RSS Feed
  • The Plane of War is now available! Enter this extremely challenging plane and challenge the Zek brothers to learn their strategic and tactical secrets... but bring strong allies, as only the most skilled (level 95 and above) can hope to survive on an eternal battlefield such as this.

  • The petition window now opens in an external browser.
  • Increased the number of short duration buff slots from 20 to 30.
  • Added a popup window for fast camping in non-combat zones and for general camping.
  • The task window will now display the zone name where that task takes place.
  • In the case where an item does not have defined worn slots, valid races, and valid classes, we no longer display Class: None Race: None.
  • In the case where an item is usable by all races and classes, we no longer display Class: ALL Race: ALL.
  • Item-restricted bags now are labeled as to what they can contain.
  • The "Find Path" button will now correctly attempt to draw a path between you and your targeted group or raid member.

- Changed -


Source and full patch notes
Posted By: Drakah - March 12, 2014, 8:07 pm EST News RSS Feed
  • Heroic Characters are now available! You can choose to upgrade an existing character or to create a new Heroic Character from scratch. Please see https://www.everquest.com/news/heroic-character-fa q for details.
  • Wood Elf Beastlords and Froglok Monks are now available for creation once House of Thule is open.
  • Sealed Pure Energeian Orbs can now be opened by anyone if the Underfoot expansion has launched on your server.

  • Modified various windows in support of Heroic Characters.
  • Added in the ability for custom UIs to set tint for the color of buttons when they have been disabled. See DisabledBackgroundTextureTint for details.

- Changed -


Source and full patch notes
Posted By: (Dolby) - March 4, 2014, 3:18 pm EST News RSS Feed
SOE released an update to EverQuest II today (Tuesday March 4th). With this update brought a few changes to the game and you can read about these changes in the patch notes.

This patch also brought a few minor changes to the default UI. I have gone and run a compare so you can see these changes.

3.4.14 Patch Notes
3.4.14 - UI Compare
Posted By: Drakah - February 19, 2014, 4:34 pm EST News RSS Feed
  • Alternate Advancement Ability Auto-Granting: AA abilities are now auto-granted for Gold players who check the opt-in box on the "Alternate Advancement" window. Abilities up to and including level 85 and Underfoot are auto-granted. See the "AA" section below for more details and exceptions.
  • Leadership AAs have been converted to standard abilities. You no longer need to earn separate leadership experience to obtain these abilities. To learn more about the change, you can press 'L' in-game. See the "UI" section below for additional details.
  • Many spells and AA abilities related to fighting multiple NPCs at once have been altered. See the "Spells" and "AA" sections below.
  • Heroic Adventure Rares - Many problematic spells used by rares inside of Heroic Adventures have been changed, and target selection for all of their spells improved. See the "NPC" section below for more details.
  • Heroic Adventures no longer lock, so players can be added to them at any time. Request timers are unchanged.
  • Increased the spawn chance for all rare NPCs in House of Thule.
  • Progression servers have a new poll available regarding the implementation of Alternate Advancement Ability Auto-Granting. You must be level 60 and on a progression server to vote.
  • Perfected Augmentation Distillers are now being sold on the Marketplace.

  • "EQ" buttons can now be made into hotbuttons. Click and hold any "EQ" button to create a hot button that can be used in any hotbar.
  • In the "Edit Social" window and chat windows, putting a '#' symbol before a command will now ignore the rest of that command. This can be used in socials for "commenting" or for ignoring a line without needing to clear the line.
  • Right clicking on AA hot buttons will now take you to the correct AA in the "Alternate Advancement" window.
  • Leadership abilities were removed from the "Leadership AA" window. The abilities are now built into normal game function and are available without having to spend points.
    • The Leadership abilities window has been removed.
    • Any hotbuttons that were made for these abilities retain their functionality.
    • Leadership abilities are now available without having to spend Leadership AA points.
    • Removed the "Fast LA Purchase" checkbox from the General options.
    • Press 'L' in-game to read a description of the new functionality and to see where to access the abilities.
  • Fixed the positioning of the "Player Studio" icon and "Created By" label to properly anchor to the bottom of the preview window when the "Marketplace" window is resized.

- Changed -


- Removed -

Source and full patch notes
Posted By: (Cairenn) - February 15, 2014, 9:38 am EST News RSS Feed
Hi all. Just wanted to let everyone know that, now that the Elder Scrolls Online NDA has been lifted, we've opened our UI site for it. So please feel free to stop by the new site, introduce yourself and start using ESOUI!
Posted By: (Dolby) - February 12, 2014, 4:33 pm EST News RSS Feed
SOE released another update to EverQuest II on Tuesday Feb 11th. With this update brought a few changes to the game and you can read about these changes in the patch notes.

Two very popular interface pieces were updated: eq2ui_mainhud_impliedtarget.xml & eq2ui_mainhud_target.xml. I have posted a compare of changes for your viewing pleasure.

2.11.14 Patch Notes
2.11.14 - UI Compare
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