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Posted By: Cairenn - April 22, 2015, 3:00 am EST News RSS Feed
  • Advanced Loot System: Improved the performance of adding, deleting, and changing loot filter settings (AN/AG/Never).
  • Spells with resource tap components will now stack with each other as intended.
  • When you invite a non-grouped character to the raid it should now put them in "not in a group" and not as a group leader.
  • If load balancing has created a new instance of a zone, you will see the ID of the instance you zone in to. It will also now appear at the top of the /pickzone window.
  • Convertible items now have an item link in the description window to show you what the item will be transformed into.
  • Fixed some confirmation popup windows that were asking for incorrect or irrelevant information. Deleting spell sets was one such example.
  • Made the Audio Triggers list window resizable.
  • EQUI_ItemDisplay.xml
  • EQUI_MIZoneSe lectWnd.xml
Source and full patch notes.
Posted By: (Cairenn) - April 15, 2015, 7:06 pm EST News RSS Feed
  • Return to Hammerknell
  • Instant Adventure Improvements
  • Wardrobe Update
  • Expanded Fishing Derbies
  • New Twisted Artifacts
  • New Tier of Nightmare Rifts
  • Nightmare Tide Onslaughts
  • Chat: Zone events from all shards will now be broadcast to your home Events channel. DO ALL THE EVENTS!
  • Chat: New emote tokens have been added for use with existing ones. Get ready for a grammar lesson!
    • - %t: Your target's name
    • - %o: Your target's objective noun
    • - %s: Your target's subjective noun
    • - %p: Your target's possessive noun
    • - %po: Your character's objective noun
    • - %ps: Your character's subjective noun
    • - %pp: Your character's possessive noun
  • Our published item database now includes Russian item names.
  • New characters will now have a default bind point to their home-city once Soul Recall is learned.
  • We've introduced compatibility with the Windows 10 Technical Preview! Note that this code is experimental – please try it and let us know what happens! If the game crashes on start-up, please report it!
  • Optimized guild management, resulting in less memory usages and faster boot times for servers.
  • You can now rename your wardrobe sets from the character sheet, wardrobe tab.
  • The dye merchants have left to seek other opportunities in Telara. We wish them well in their future endeavors
  • The list of mounts in the character sheet are now sorted by mount speed.
  • Clicking crafting skill buttons in the ability binder now brings up the crafting window.
  • The Settings option to reset your bag positions will now reset your regular bags and bank bags regardless of if you have them open or not.
  • The non-functional right-click menu option, "Reset Chat Windows", has been removed.
  • There is a new toggle in the basic video settings window that allows you to lock your client window frame, so you don't accidentally resize your window while playing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dimension item drop down list to be unclickable when it extended beyond the edge of the UI.
Source and full patch notes.
Posted By: Cairenn - March 25, 2015, 3:57 am EST News RSS Feed
  • The Advanced Loot System is here! See the section below for details.
  • Added a prompt when deleting a character to make the player type the character's name as the confirmation instead of clicking a button.
  • Most vendors from the Plane of Knowledge have returned from hiatus. They feel as though they can still compete with all-in-one vendors.
  • Added the new /autobank command. This will attempt to place any item on your cursor in your bank.
  • The voice chat window is no longer active by default.
  • /clearchat and /clearallchat now function while in hover mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the Find window where scrolling to the bottom wouldn't stay there if you were in a group with 'show group' enabled.
  • Added the ability for coin and point crystals to update when custom UIs move them to the alternate currencies tab.
  • Added a prompt when deleting a character to make the player type the character's name as the confirmation instead of clicking a button.
Many UI files have been changed. If you are unable to log in to a character with a custom UI, be sure to check the "Reset UI to Default" option just below "Enter World" on the Character Select screen.

  • EQUI_AdvancedLootWnd.xml
  • EQUI_LootFiltersCopyW nd.xml
  • EQUI_LootFiltersWnd.xml
  • EQUI_ManageLootWnd.xm l
  • EQUI_Templates.xml
  • EQUI_Animations.xml
  • EQUI_ OptionsWindow.xml
  • EQUI_RaidWindow.xml
  • EQUI_Templates .xml
  • EQUI_TextEntryWnd.xml
  • EQUI.xml

Source and full patch notes
Posted By: Cairenn - March 11, 2015, 6:09 pm EST News RSS Feed
There was an in-game issue they needed to fix so they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and address a couple of other things, namely a few improvements to experience gains.

What’s in this update?
  • We've improved experience gains in older zones for players who are level 101 to 105.
  • Experience bonus effects like Lesson of the Devoted and Bottles of Adventure will now apply to the experience rewarded on Heroic Adventure task completion.
  • The amount of experience that mercenaries can gain on tasks has been increased dramatically.
  • We’re adding new item to the Marketplace, Bottle of Adventure IV, which is a potion that grants +75% base XP.
Posted By: Cairenn - February 25, 2015, 2:31 am EST News RSS Feed
  • EverQuest's 16th anniversary is approaching soon! Look for new and old celebration events appearing in the Plane of Knowledge starting on March 16th! As always, the Mechanical Fortune Teller can direct you to events that are available.
  • As requested at SOE Live 2014, a new item has been added to the marketplace: Hero's Forge Armor Crate! Combine a full matching suit of Hero's Forge Armor (Helm, Chest, Arms, Wrist, Hands, Legs, Feet) in the Hero's Forge Armor Crate to receive a single, stackable item. The Hero's Forge Armor Crate can only be used once.
  • Tricorne hats are now available for participation in The Darkened Sea beta. The hat can be converted into an ornament if you have Hero's Forge.
  • Fixed an issue with popup windows where the text on buttons and window heading text was sometimes displaying old data.
  • Fixed a grammatical issue in the race change window from "and your bind location to be changed" to "and your bind location will be changed".
  • The dynamic zone and guild management window minimum sizes can now be changed in the xml files.
  • Fixed an issue with list windows when clicking column headers when not scrolled to the top of the list.
  • Fixed a bug where some text could overlap in the item window.
  • Fixed social integration sync.
  • The Looking for Guild window will now use total assigned AA points rather than the total number of AA points spent.
  • EQUI_DynamicZoneWnd.xml
  • EQUI_GuildMana gementWnd.xml
  • EQUI_RaceChangeWnd.xml

Source and full patch notes
Posted By: (Cairenn) - January 28, 2015, 9:34 pm EST News RSS Feed
  • A New Zone
    • Tyrants's Throne
  • Three New Zone Events
    • The Ravenous Devourer
    • Leviathan
    • Aphogglach
  • New Nightmare Raid Rift
    • The Darkest Magic
  • New Chronicle
    • The Rhen of Fate
  • Minion Updates
  • Dimension UI Improvements
  • Crafting UI Improvements
  • Planar Attunement Level Increase
Game Update

  • You can no longer fish while a loot window is open to prevent the loss of loot.
  • Fixed Nightmare Tide rare mobs to give kill credit for the appropriate leaderboard category.
  • Auction House: The Level and Stack column headers on the Bid tab of the Auction House are no longer reversed.
  • Auction House: Fixed problem when creating auction buy orders from crafting recipe chat links. It should now correctly create a buy order for the recipe and not the item the recipe makes.
  • Porticulums at friendly hubs are now unlocked when a player discovers the area near the porticulum - there is no longer a need to talk to the NPC to unlock it!
    • If the porticulum is a part of an unfriendly hub, then players will still need to click on that porticulum master to unlock that porticulum.
    • Players that have already discovered an area containing a porticulum, but have not yet unlocked that porticulum, will still need to talk to the NPC to do so.
  • Adjustments have been made to the amount of experience gained while Mentoring and Sidekicking.
    • Mentoring experience gained from kills has been increased.
    • Sidekicking experience gained from kills has been reduced.
  • Guild Quests: The following quests no long require targets of specific levels to count for credit, only that they grant experience or favor:
    • War on Many Fronts
    • Battles Old and New
    • Planar Desperation
    • Plagued by the Planes
    • Destroy the Machineborn
    • Upping the Ante
    • Greatest Threats
    • Kill Us Some Guardians
  • Fixed a rendering bug that could cause distant objects show up as white.
  • Fixed a client combat issue that sometimes caused players to automatically target a dead NPC.
UI and Settings
  • Changing your portrait frame and turning on the portrait rare icon have been moved out of the Options Window, and are now part of the portrait menu you get when you right-click your player portrait.
  • The in-game teleport to shard menu will now show a description of the server type after the name for special servers such as Oceanic, RP, and PvP.
  • Fixed problem with chat console tabs not being clickable.
  • Fixed nameplates being visible through objects with some combinations of render settings.
  • Fixed a problem with renaming bank vault 8.
  • Bank vault names now allow numbers in them.
  • Improved the look of the Planar Focus background UI.
  • Fixed /reloadui causing your bagbar icons to disappear.
Source and Full Patch Notes
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