Premium Access!
The power of one Premium Subscription on two great Networks.

Now for the price of an ZAM.com subscription, you can get the premium features on all MMOInterface sites and ZAM for as long as you keep your subscription.

Get all of these Premium Subscriber Benefits:
  • No Advertising - All ads are removed when logged in.
  • Custom Title - Create your own custom title.
  • Username Color - Stand out on the forums with your new gold colored name.
  • Larger Private Message Box - Support 5,000 messages vs. 500.
  • Increased Avatar File Size - Use up to 100k vs. 20k.
  • Increased Profile Picture File Size - Use up to 250k vs. 65k.
  • Plus more exclusive features coming soon...
...Along with all of the ZAM.com premium subscriber benefits.

To get the two-for-one subscription, you need to subscribe for a premium account at ZAM.com, and then register for a free account on each MMOInterface site of your choice. Then you can simply upgrade your MMOInterface accounts to premium for free. Once your done just vist the links below and go directly to step 3 to enable your premium features on your favorite MMOInterface sites.

Enable your Premium Features:
Remember you only need one ZAM Premium Subscription!
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I already have an ZAM.com premium subscriber account?
If you are already a premium subscriber at ZAM, you are now able to get free premium access to your favorite MMOInterface site. Go directly to Step 2.

What if I already have a free account on my favorite MMOInterface site and want to get a premium subscription?
Just subscribe for a premium account at ZAM.com and then return to your favorite MMOInterface site to upgrade your account to premium status for free.

Will I have the same login now for both sites?
No. You will log in to each site using whatever login you created for that site. Each site will then recognize that login as a premium account and grant premium access.

What if my usernames are different for ZAM.com and the other MMOInterface sites?
You can use whatever username and login you created for each site. Each site will recognize your login and grant premium access separately.

Can I get premium benifits on the other MMOInterface sites?
Yes, you just need to visit the premium upgrade area for each interface site you are registered with and enter your ZAM login details the same way you do here.