10 Years - About MMOUI
Enter our trivia challange and giveaway! We (MMOUI) have been running User Interface Customization sites for ten (10) years now! We have eight sites covering nine games. Over the years we have built a sterling reputation with both the game companies themselves and with the users of our sites. We are Official Fan Site Program members for nearly every game we support. In many cases we are the only Official UI Fan Site for a game. We have close working relationships not only with the Community Relations and Public Relations departments for each of the game companies, but also directly with each game’s UI development team as well. This allows us to act as a bridge between the users, authors and the game companies.

Between all of our sites, we've got almost a million registered users. Given that we don't require registration to download from our sites, you can be sure that the actual number of users is exponentially higher. That is a lot of trust placed in us, trust earned by a lot of hard work over a lot of years. No one has ever been hacked as a consequence of using any of our sites or from any addons downloaded from any of our sites. Ever.

Our mission is to be the most comprehensive sites dealing with anything custom interface related for many MMORPGs. From a place for authors to host their mods and users to download them, to technical help on creating and maintaining mods, to robust interface forum communities, we do more than just "host mods". We are continually working to make our sites better for everyone to use (i.e. creating favourites lists), providing multiple ways for users to converse with authors (i.e. author portals, comments on addon download pages, highly active forums), and also running contests for the entire community (not just authors). We put in anywhere from 16 hours on a slow day to 22 hours+ during a major content patch or expansion on our sites, creating “Survival Guides” and fielding questions about what is updated where during content patches and expansions.

As part of our efforts to provide comprehensive support for our communities, we run irc channels dedicated specifically for UI devs of the different games. Authors from across the globe are welcome to (and do) join us in these channels, sharing coding practices, learning from one another, assisting each other with mod debugging and testing, or just plain hanging out, kicking back and relaxing with like-minded people. We frequently set up in-game guilds for the same purposes. These guilds become especially useful during expansion betas. We’ve also hosted other community sites over the years, i.e. CT mods, EQ2Maps, and WoWAce, among others. When we are going to conventions we try to set up activities (above and beyond the ones the hosting game company has in place) for the UI community as a whole, getting group hotel rates, making restaurant arrangements for UI community wide dinners, etc.

We feel very strongly that the authors deserve every bit of help that we can provide: from having the fastest approval time on submissions of mods to the site, to assistance in protecting authors' intellectual property rights, we are here for the authors. Over the years, we’ve gotten hard, physical proof of people illegally selling mods, made the authors aware of these sales, and helped get the offenders’ eBay and PayPal accounts shut down because of such. We also make authors aware of other sites that are distributing their addons without their permission when we become aware of them, helping the authors find the necessary information in order to write C&Ds and DMCA take-down orders. We only allow the upload of addons to our sites by their original author or their designated successor. We have never ‘pre-populated’ any of our sites with addons or uploaded any addon to any of our sites without the explicit permission of the author. We’ve arranged Beta Keys, when possible, for all AddOn authors so they can make sure their mods are ready whenever a new expansion comes out and we’re continually helping develop new tools for authors, i.e. Author Portals, SVN and Git repositories, etc.

That’s about it so far. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens over the next decade.

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